CookieRo Info <3

Server Information:
   Server Rates:
   Exp/JobExp 15x
   Quest Exp 20x
   Items/Equips/Cards Drops 10x
   MvP Cards 2x

   Maximum Level: 150/50 (3rd classes) 99/70 (Trans)
   Max Stats: 120 (3rd classes) 108 (Baby 3rd) 99 (Trans) 80 (Baby)
   Max Aspd: 193 (3rd classes) 190 (1st/2nd and Trans classes)

   Party Share Level: 15
   Idle Time(Before NoExp/NoLoot): Currently removed

WoE Schedule:
   Current Castle: Geffen - Bergel
   WoE Time: Saturday 8:00PM (GMT + 0)
   WoE Time is curently NOT definitive. Also Castle Rotation will be used soon.

Server Features:
   Renewal Mechanic fully implemented
   27 Hairstyles
   263 Hairs Colors
   489 Clothes colors
   Every headgears from kRO, jRO, twRO, bRO and other official servers available
   Official Mount System
   Buyer Shop
   New secure character deletion system
   Exclusive Costume system (you can turn every headgear into a costume one)
   Updated to Latest kRO Episode 0: Malangdo Island
   Balanced Cash shop and Vote 4 Point system (NO exclusive donation items)

Ease of Play NPCs:
   One-click healer
   Job Changer up to 3rd Classes
   PvP/BG Manager
   Ammo & Tool dealer

Advanced Kafra System Including:
   Warp System
   Storage System
   Guild Manager
   Command Manager

@commands for players:

   @join (works like main chat, 4 channels available: Main, WoE, Map, Shop, Alliance)