2/Dec maintenance <3

Just letting you know that I've fixed some bugs that you reported today:

- Fixed kafra teleport (wasn't working)

- Fixed rates (were x1)

- Fixed max. hairstyle bug (idk what exactly the bug was, apparently non-classic hairstyles were reset to standard one)

- Fixed time zone to UTC (this was influencing WoE times; all the WoE times should be restored back, as they were before yesterdays maintenance)

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Athena update <3

I've updated CookieRO's Athena to the latest version which includes various skill fixes for 3rd classes and Kagerou/Oboro. The update was quite massive so some bugs may occur. Report them to the bug reports section please.

The update actually also includes Hall of Abyss system but I didn't enable it yet because CookieRO doesn't have classic WoE.


What are your thoughts about the update and possibility of introducing Hall of Abyss in CookieRO?

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Double rates/increased kvm rewards EVENT! <3

If you didn't already know, we just hit 1000 likes on our Facebook page and in celebration, we are holding double rates (exp and drops) and increased kvm rewards (10 for win, 5 for lose & 15 for win during happy hour) for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! So from the 27th July to the 10th August~


This is a great time to get friends who didn't have much time to level and farm involved with CookieRO, as this can give them a fast levelling boost.. we will see them in WoE in no time! And I can't wait to see some epic endless tower runs and KvM matches!


Have fun~

Fish & Yommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Old Updates <3

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